Tutorial – 4

Applying styles

General text and paragraphs
  • Type general text and paragraphs anywhere in the document as usual.
  • If pasting text from another document into the template, then copy the source text as usual, but right-click in the template where the text needs to be pasted, and select “Keep Text Only”, to prevent conflicting styles to be carried over from the source document into the template.
  • Note that visualizing the paragraph formatting can be extremely helpful to display any hidden formatting and to clean up the text.
  • Select the new text, but do not modify the formatting by using the paragraph and font settings under the home menu tab.
  • Instead, apply the “Body Text” style for consistent formatting and a uniform layout with a single click.
  • If only specific words need to be modified, select those words, and then manually change the font as usual with the paragraph and font settings under the home menu tab, but only after the correct style has been applied.
  • When creating general text, paragraphs and lists inside a table cell, apply the dedicated Table styles for a more condensed format, as explained in the tutorial “Applying styles: Content of tables“.
  • The No Spacing style is also condensed, and can be applied to general text anywhere in the document outside tables.
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