Medical, scientific & technical writing experience

Having been in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for more than a decade as a senior researcher, team leader, manager, core team member, and Medical, Scientific & Technical Writer, Dr. Dennis Van Hoof, PhD, has a solid understanding of what it takes to bring medical drugs and diagnostic devices to the regulated market.

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After 12 years of PhD and postdoctoral academic research, during which he published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals (including Nature and Cell), and book chapters, he switched to the industry by joining a small startup company (ARMO Biosciences) that develops cancer drug treatments.

He continued his career as a manager at BD Biosciences, generating the documentation and supervising the R&D activities to commercialize platforms for the diagnosis of leukemia & lymphoma, and contributed to the market launch of 4 in vitro diagnostic (IVD) solutions.

For a limited time, he worked as a freelance Writer, during which he offered his black belt-level Microsoft Word user skills and writing expertise to medical & scientific consulting companies, such as  Xelay Acumen.

He currently works for Thermo Fisher as a Medical, Scientific & Technical Writer for their COVID-19 test kits and IVD devices.


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