Tutorial – 10

Hyperlinking and cross-linking

Inserting clickable figures
  • To insert a figure that can be reached via a clickable link somewhere else in the text, first select the newly-inserted figure.
  • Then go to the Reference Tab, click Insert Caption, and choose Figure under Label.
  • Next, click on Numbering, and check the box for Include chapter number, if preferred.
  • After clicking OK, a sequential number is automatically generated and assigned to the figure.
  • Note that, in contrast to tables, figure captions appear below the figure.
  • Finally, expand the caption with a descriptive text as necessary.
  • To then reference this figure somewhere else in the text with a clickable link, place the cursor where the clickable link needs to be inserted.
  • Go to the Reference Tab, select Cross-reference, and search for the figure under Reference type.
  • Note that it is best to choose Only label and number under the Insert reference to drop-down menu.
  • The figure can now instantly be accessed by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on the link.
  • Once the Word document is finalized and converted to a PDF, the link will work as usual, without the need for holding the Ctrl key; see the tutorial “Finishing up: Exporting the MS Word document as a PDF file“.
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